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Indonesian authorities shutter minority Ahmadiyah mosque

Feb 24, 2017

An Ahmadiyah mosque has been shuttered by authorities in Indonesia after Muslim groups called for protests against the minority group they regard as heretical

Run-off election for Jakarta governor may heighten tensions

Feb 16, 2017

A tight and possibly ugly contest is expected in a second round election for governor of the Indonesian capital that will pit the minority Christian incumbent against a former cabinet minister backed by conservative Muslim clerics

Indonesian capital votes in test for moderate values

Feb 15, 2017

Voting was underway for governor of the Indonesian capital after a divisive campaign in which the monumental problems facing Jakarta took a backseat to religious intolerance and racial bigotry

Indonesians at mass prayers urged to vote for Muslims

Feb 11, 2017

Tens of thousands of Indonesians have gathered at the national mosque in the capital for mass prayers urging people to vote for a Muslim governor of the city as the country prepares for regional elections next week

Mass prayers draw thousands as Indonesia readies elections

Feb 11, 2017

Tens of thousands have gathered at the national mosque in Jakarta for mass prayers urging Indonesians to vote for Muslims in city and district elections being held across the country next week

Malaysia seizes pig-hair brushes after Muslims complain

Feb 8, 2017

Malaysian authorities have seized thousands of paint brushes suspected of containing pig bristles, after consumers in this Muslim-majority nation demanded a crackdown, officials said Wednesday

Indonesians, Filipinos protest Trump's immigration policy

Feb 4, 2017

Indonesian and Filipino students have protested President Donald Trump's immigration policy outside the U.S. embassies in their capitals

Trump policy dims hope for refugees in Indonesian limbo

Feb 1, 2017

For thousands of asylum seekers and refugees from Iraq, Somalia and other conflict-scarred countries, Indonesia is an often yearslong hiatus in their lives as they wait for the U.S. or another country to accept them

Hard-line Muslim leader named in Indonesia defamation case

Jan 30, 2017

Indonesian police say the leader of a hard-line Islamic group behind massive blasphemy protests last year is a suspect in a case alleging he defamed the state ideology

Indonesia: US travel ban could hurt fight against terrorism

Jan 30, 2017

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, says President Donald Trump's ban on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. could hurt the global fight against terrorism


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